VJ SEZ [vee jay sez | vee jay ess ee zee] emerged from a brainwave that occured to Messrs Varky & Jake – VJ : build a business around all the mundane, boring, repetitive, grunt work, that goes into marketing endeavours broadly classified as search engine optimization – SEO, and search engine marketing – SEM. Make all search engine [SE] related chores easy [EZ] for you – SEZ.

Our range of products provide a variety of options to site owners, SEO & SEM consultants, webmasters, agencies, just about anyone looking to promote a URL. Most people trying to figure out how to go about promoting their site tend to be inundated by page after page of dos and dont's on the internet. It is quite an effort to sift through all that information, determine what is applicable to your particular case, and hash out a coherent plan. Our mission is to demystify and simplify the process.

We have abstracted white-hat SEO oriented link building into optimally configured products to promote URLs by employing search engines, social media, and various other publishing and distribution sites. While most of our processes require manual input and oversight, we use technology wherever possible to significantly boost operational efficiency, so we can deliver quality at unmatched prices.

Our team is spread across continents and time-zones. This diversity coupled with our remote work paradigm make us a truly cloud based business. It also enables unmatched business efficiency and productivity which, again, translates to unbeatable prices.

While we strive to deliver more than what we promise, ahead of schedule, the rare event of our inability to fulfill your order is fully covered by our refund policy. We hope our product pages, cheatsheet, and FAQ, cover everything you'd want to know about how we can boost your search profile. Please feel free to contact us for any clarification, complaint, or suggestion. Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated.

We look forward to your custom and sincerely hope you’ll be back often, and tell your friends about us too!