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Search optimization insights

If there's one snappy word to describe the most significant change the world has seen over the last two decades, it would have to be Google. We're still scratching the surface in terms of realizing the power of all this information now available to everyone. But just like any other technology product, design objectives of search have always been limited by real world constraints. Topping the list is human inclination to outsmart the search ranking algorithm in pursuit of maximum online exposure. From that follows a whole list of other constraints. The flip-side of always being at odds with these constraints is rapid evolution of algorithms, and an endless stream of research papers and ideas to analyse and improve the process. Oftentimes, it looks like we're going around in circles trying to solve this problem. Search might be evolving into a holistic robust model, but as of now the best search engine ever looks like it's still in the future. Maybe not. Who knows?

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