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Search optimization insights

If there's one snappy word to describe the most significant change the world has seen over the last two decades, it would have to be Google. We're still scratching the surface in terms of realizing the power of all this information now available to everyone. But just like any other technology product, design objectives of search have always been limited by real world constraints. Topping the list is human inclination to outsmart the search ranking algorithm in pursuit of maximum online exposure. From that follows a whole list of other constraints. The flip-side of always being at odds with these constraints is rapid evolution of algorithms, and an endless stream of research papers and ideas to analyse and improve the process. Oftentimes, it looks like we're going around in circles trying to solve this problem. Search might be evolving into a holistic robust model, but as of now the best search engine ever looks like it's still in the future. Maybe not. Who knows?

Just like Google's omnipresence over the last two decades of search, there have been some other related elements that everyone seems to take for granted. Everyone assumes over familiarity. Take, for instance, the number of quality back-links to a given URL.  This data point is of paramount importance in determining the rank of a URL, and that status hasn't changed since the day Google started indexing pages using back-link statistics as a key to page rank, Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates notwithstanding. Just as there are now several approaches to index and rank web pages, there is difference of opinion on methods to quantify the quality of a back-link. But pretty much all top search engines use a combination of number and quality of back-links in their metrics. See where I'm going with this?

While it's hard enough to be on top of updates to search algorithms that are in the public domain, it's even harder to gather enough data points from independent research to connect the dots and make useful inferences that could drive search engine optimization at a micro level across a range of search algorithms employed by at least the top 3-4 search providers, if not all of them. Certainly not within the realm of J. and Suzy Q. looking to promote their site. And certainly not feasible even if someone had the means to deliver the kind of micro strategies being envisioned here. The logical conclusion for J.Q. would therefore be to stick to the known, simple, tried-and-tested methods to improve his search ranking, and go about it in a manner that appears to be as organic as possible so modern page ranking algorithms do not pick up any anomaly that might otherwise be evident from a burst of activity and back-links to a site without supporting markers. And throw in a feedback loop to analyse and direct incremental link building activity at regular intervals. Keep it simple, and keep at it.

"Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

Albert Einstein

In this ever evolving landscape of search engine optimization, VJSEZ.com is on a mission to simplify the process for just about anyone looking to promote a URL. Our team has been working in the search space long enough to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all model to steer your internet marketing campaign. So we've designed a range of products that are useful for both sites just starting their SEO, as well as mature campaigns looking for on-going engagement with captive audiences and perhaps corrective measures to reduce negative feedback. This suite of products makes the grunt work of building high quality back-link profiles a breeze, using various tried and tested white hat SEO approaches such as search engine submission, directory submission, articles, press releases, social media outreach, classified submissions, and others in the works.

We've launched VJSEZ.com on a wing and a prayer, hoping we'll find enough opportunity in the middle of all this difficulty, while our customers are happy to find simplicity out of clutter. So here's a big hello to everyone out there. Wish us luck!