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After the first couple of rounds of SEO mostly focused on one-time, must-do stuff like search engine submission, directory submissions, etc. any further SEO should be guided by analytics. The grand objective of our effort is to maximize gains in terms of traffic to your site and / or specific sub pages, while minimizing the cost of achieving that outcome. The value of incremental link building is determined using data points from your existing backlink profile coupled with proprietary information to estimate cost. While it may seem like more links are always better, at some point the benefit starts to plateau out. Our analytics will help you find that point. We may even suggest removing some backlinks that are detrimental to your profile.

Our analytics products also help you decide budget allocation across various SEO oriented marketing strategies while providing valuable inputs for other SEO strategies. Keyword Research for example can be used to shortlist keywords to drive an article writing and submission campaign. We provide detailed reports with quantitative and qualitative analysis covering every aspect of your site's search profile.

Keyword Research

Without an ordered list of keywords / phrases, your campaign is groping in the dark. It's a bit counter intuitive, but before delving deeper into this topic you have to understand that optimal keywords for two different sites selling the same product or service may not be the same. Optimality of a keyword is a function of various parameters that may be vastly different from site to site. Let's imagine your competitor shows up on the first page of Google for a certain keyword, while your site shows up on page 100. Should you be targeting the same keyword? Hell no. It'd be a colossal waste of money.  Given where your site is vis-à-vis your competitor, you're likely much better off focusing on long-tail keywords at this point in your site's life, rather than waste marketing dollars on keywords with relatively less chance of getting you any organic leads.

This is where our keyword research product helps you. We help you discover keywords and phrases that you would never imagine had the potential to get you leads. We analyse all keyword related metrics in the context of your site's search ranking profile and provide you with an optimized, ordered list of keywords / phrases that have the highest probability of driving traffic to your site.

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