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Every time you tweet something original, you are sort of doing a 160 character press release. Think of a press release as an expanded tweet with some anchor links thrown in for SEO which gets re-tweeted several times. In an ideal world, press releases might be restricted to newsworthy announcements, such as a new product launch, or a major policy change etc. But we could get a bit creative and let those curating our press release decide whether or not it merits publication. Press releases are manually vetted. Once approved, a press release is distributed and will appear on several different sites long enough to be picked up and indexed by search engines. Backlinks from these sites have great credibility from the search engine's perspective.

Press releases are a great way to spread the word about anything you'd like the world to know in an official statement that's more verbose than 160 characters. That also means we have room to target keywords / phrases, especially long-tail keywords. This can be especially useful to drive organic search traffic to sites that are relatively lower ranked compared to competitors. The multiplier effect resulting from social media shares of press release pages is another huge bonus.

While one can get creative with press releases as an ongoing marketing strategy, employing it for an obvious case such as launch of a new product or service, or major policy update, is a no brainer.


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