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Videos have emerged as a great way to reach out to a target audience. Most people do not have the attention span to read more than 160 characters at a time. But videos, they don't seem to mind 5-10 minutes till it starts drifting. It's a combination of reasons, partly the suspense from knowing there's more, partly laziness, and possibly several other intangibles. That makes a case for using this medium to communicate with your audience, providing valuable, informative content in a form that they are more likely to tune into rather than a long article or blog post which people would most likely just skim over while looking for the gist of it. The point is that depending on the target niche and demographics of your audience, video can be a medium that has a significantly bigger impact in getting your message across.

In terms of searchability, video hosting sites provide fields to include detailed descriptions about your video, and the ability to link back to your site. Thus this strategy for SEO gets you one no-follow backlink from every video host site, with a moderate potential for do-follow backlinks from other sites linking to your video and description.


Video Submission

We will submit your Video URL to the specified number of video hosting sites with a unique description for each site.

ProductPriceNumber of SubmissionsEstimated Lead TimeEstimated Turnaround TimeSubmission Account

Video Creation

We will create a whiteboard or animated video based on the storyboard and script provided by you as per order specifications.

ProductPriceDelivery ScheduleNumber of Free Revisions

Video Creation and Submission

We will create a video as per product specifications, using the storyboard and script provided by you, and upon approval, submit to the specified number of video hosting sites, with unique description per site.

ProductPriceEstimated Lead TimeNumber of Free RevisionsNumber of SubmissionsEstimated Turnaround Time