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The objective of our "article writing and submission" service is to get quality content published on only one site with significantly higher authority than your own site/blog. The benefit we're seeking is a no-follow link from the site publishing your article, and hopefully a handful of do-follow links from other sites that subsequently link to your site or republish  article content with your permission. What we're offering is similar to guest blogging, with only a  slight difference in semantics.

Since Panda and Penguin updates, article writing has been at the receiving end of  a lot of flak primarily because of confusion related to duplicate content and manual penalties due to bad backlinks. Prior to 2012, several agencies would write articles and publish the same article on hundreds of article directories, including hundreds of poorly managed sites that would accept and publish any garbage submitted to them, with 1-2 do-follow backlinks per article to boot.  Then, after 2012, some agencies introduced to concept of spinning articles so content didn't obviously appear to be duplicate. That didn't work out too well either as Google wised up to more of their tricks. So backlinks from hundreds of such sites became a huge liability after the Penguin update, partly because these article directories had so much  duplicate garbage, which is also indicative of lax quality control across the board which in turn translates to poor ranking and credibility.  It was all fine till Google started penalizing anyone with a backlink from a such a site.

Article writing, however, is still a great SEO strategy after factoring in these changes to search algorithms. Scratch the surface you discover there's so much more to it. An obvious feature is that articles are published by a third party. There's no better publicity than a positive reference from a credible third party.  Articles provide a great way to target a wide variety of keywords / phrases, especially long-tail keywords / phrases. This marketing strategy is especially useful to drive organic search traffic to sites that are relatively lower ranked compared to competitors. Another huge benefit of this strategy is that URLs of published articles can be shared using social media to spread the word really quick.

Article writing and publication on high authority sites is by far the "whitest" of white-hat-SEO methods. Articles contain useful information that is sought out by search engine users. Content on reputed sites goes through a stringent manual vetting process. This gives well written and informative articles - published on high-authority sites - precedence in search rankings like you won't believe. When you combine the ability to target keywords / phrases organically with the multiplier effect of sharing article URLs on social media, the only strategy that compares with article writing and publication in the SEO context, is writing for your own blog. The range of content and keyword targeting ability is only limited by budget or imagination, whichever comes first. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

Product Specific Notes

We will take your inputs including a summary of the article content and write an article as per products specifications, such as word count. We spare no effort to ensure the article delivered to you meets our quality standards, including multiple tests for plagiarism. You then get to review the article upto a specified number of times, before approval for submission. We will then work towards getting your article published by one top rated article publishing site, prioritized by popular ranking metrics such as Alexa, Trust Flow, Citation Flow etc.,  corresponding with them on your behalf throughout the submission and vetting process.  We spare no effort to ensure submission specifications are set correctly so your article appears in the most relevant sites and their respective category / sub-category. You will also get a detailed report of each and every article publishing site to which we have successfully submitted your site, along with applicable credentials, URLs to verify / modify submissions.


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