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Blogs are a great platform to demonstrate commitment to your business. No one would go the extra mile to do the kind of research and analysis that is typically presented in a serious blog post unless they are really into it. Just like articles, blogs are white-hat by definition. Search engines are always hungry for reliable information and blogs are part of their staple diet.

With blogs, you can highlight aspects of your knowledge base that cannot be summarized in a brochure or punchline. Once you develop a reputation for quality content in your domain, traffic to your site increases in leaps and bounds, thanks to the multiplier effect of social media shares and user comments. In addition to organic shares from your blog readers, you can always use our social bookmarking product to really spread the word about your blog posts to boost traffic to your site.

One great benefit of blogs that is seldom given enough spotlight is the comments section. With comments now linked to social network handles, word about an interesting blog spreads like wild fire. But the elephant in the room is information that can be derived from comments. As search algorithms get more advanced in their pursuit of material information from hyper text, the comment section is a obvious place to start. Blogs also provide an ability to target specific keywords / phrases to aid your SEO campaign, limited only by budget or imagination, whichever comes first.

After a one time investment in a publishing platform, the cost of maintaining a blog is marginal in comparison to the tangible benefits that accrue to your site. And we're not even counting invaluable feedback and trust of your customers.

Product Specific Notes

This product is only for those who do not have a blog and would like to have one setup for their exclusive use. We will setup an SEO ready blog using an open source CMS platform such as Wordpress or Drupal,  on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. We will install a theme provided by you, and configure the blog per standard norms and best practices, and additional custom specifications provided by you such as additional plugins, etc. within the scope of this product. Broadly, the scope of this product is limited to setup and configuration. Please contact us for any other requirement that might involve development and testing.


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