Country Specific Directory Submission

Directory Submission is by far the easiest, most inexpensive and risk free technique to add quality backlinks to your site. Just like good old yellow pages, directories on the web are meant to help users locate sites based on classification into categories. Hierarchies of categories can be quite expansive. Directories are intended to provide structure to make manual search more efficient. But the only ones using all this valuable information today seem to be search engine indexing algorithms.

Directory listings go through a manual vetting process. This translates to credibility of backlinks, especially those from high authority directories. No points for guessing how that would boost your search ranking.

Downsides? Sure, there are some. It takes a while to get listed. The manual vetting process can sometimes take 1-2 months. In this age of instant everything, that could be quite frustrating. Also, except for niche directories, it's unlikely you will get a noteworthy amount of traffic from directories. No body uses directories the way people looked up yellow pages in the past. They'd rather use search engines.

In sum, directory submission is the next best thing you can do to add meta data to the indexing process after direct submission of your site to search engines.  Focus on getting listed on as many high authority directory sites under the right category / sub category.

Product Specific Notes

Country specific directory submission is a great way to concentrate your backlinks within a geographic region.  This is useful in cases where region specific relevance is desired over diversity of a backlink profile.  We currently offer this service for a limited set of countries. We will submit your site to the specified number of sites from the selected country. You will get a detailed report of each and every directory to which we have successfully submitted your site, along with applicable credentials, URLs to verify / modify etc.


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