Social Bookmarking

The words "viral" and "social bookmarking" belong together, so we've put them in the same sentence. Social bookmarking sites are hubs of link sharing in the social media space. If your URL has any potential to go viral, it's very likely that journey would start on a social bookmarking site. These sites provide a great way to launch a new blog post / article / press release, with all secondary benefits that come standard with social media engagement, such as the multiplier effect of shares, likes and comments. It's also a strategy to expedite search engine indexing. 

Product Specific Notes

We create the specified number of bookmarks for URLs provided in your order. You will also get a detailed report of each and every social bookmarking site to where we have bookmarked your site, along with applicable credentials, URLs to verify / modify the submission.


ProductPriceEstimated Lead TimeEstimated Turnaround TimeNumber of URLsBookmarks Per URL

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