Refund Policy

This refund policy ("Refund Policy") describes how we determine whether a refund is applicable, and if yes, whether the amount in question will be returned only as store credit or may also be refunded as a payout.

VJSEZ Credit Account Balance

Your VJSEZ Credit account balance is the amount in US Dollars owed to you. Any payment returned to you is first credited to your VJSEZ Credit account. All of this amount may be used towards payment for products from All or part of this amount may be refundable per below criteria, and if applicable, a request may be initiated to claim a refund payout from at any time. Any payment to using your VJSEZ Credit Account Balance will dip into the refundable component of the account balance only after the non-refundable componnent, if any, is exhausted.

Refund Payout Applicability

  1. Orders that cannot be fulfilled either fully or in part. If can do a partial fulfillment in the same product group, the difference between the price of product ordered and the price of product specification actually fulfilled will be credited to your VJSEZ Credit account and marked refundable.
  2. VJSEZ Credit purchases in all available denominations are credited to your VJSEZ Credit account and marked refundable

"Only Store Credit" Applicability

This category of refunds can only be used to buy products from The user cannot claim a refund payount in this case.
  1. Orders canceled by user while still in status "new"

Refund Payout Terms

Refund payouts will be made within 5 working days of intiating a refund request. Refund payout amount will be calculated after deduction of any processing charges applied to matching payment to, pro-rated in case of partial refund. We will use Paypal or Bitpay or a combination of both, to execute the refund payout in either US Dollars or Bitcoin, depending on which payment platform and currency was used to make matching payment to

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us.